Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neobux Cheats Members

Are you a member of one of the largest ptc sites online? A site that really cares nothing for it's members since it's all just a big illusion at Neobux. I was cheated out of many direct referrals and many other members are cheated daily with there rented referral program. Stay far away from this site and you should be fine. There are many sites out there that you can earn without clicking and even some that will sell you real referrals for your downline. But Neobux will only cheat you out of your time and effort.


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    Web page: Clixsense
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    Web page: Neobux
    Years on Internet: 4 years
    Instant Pay Currency: Dollar
    Pay per click: $0.01 $0.005 $0,001
    Pay per click of Referrals: $0,005
    Minimum payout: $2.00
    Payment by: PayPal, Payza, NETELLER
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  2. Dear , Neobux is not a scam , i can give you million of payment proof . But it is true that everyone can not success in neobux rented referral program . If you can not manage your rented referral it is not possible to earn . see this

    1. Yes you are correct that you cannot earn in Neobux if you don't know how to manage the rented refs you bought. At first when I was a standard, I almost got 200+ rented refs but due to bad management of rented refs they almost gone to 54 RR's but now after winning golden last june 25, 2013 I have now 256 rented refs now. Here is my latest stats as I copy paste it:

      Date: 2011/07/06 =

      Expires: 2016/06/25 +


      Rented: 257 >

      Seen advertisements

      You: 29,041 =
      Your referrals: 69,028 =


      Main Balance: $0.259 =
      Rental Balance: $6.430 +
      Golden Pack Balance: $0.000 +
      Received: $122.831 =
      Exposure Clicks: 2,500 +


      Direct Purchases: $542.025 =
      Points: 38 =
      Coins: 333 >
      Mini Jobs: $17.010 >
      Mini Jobs (Bonuses):

  3. I can't log in on my neobux acc and my e-mail is not hacked for sure. I believe they just close my acc to resell my referrals.

  4. Neobux is not a scam site and right now I have 165 Rented Referrals now. All my pay out from other PTC sites will be invested here. I have invested $15 dollars earned from 3 sites I am clicking everyday and this made my Rented Refs bigger and bigger everyday. Neobux is considered no. 1 PTC sites now. And called "THE KING OF PTC" and the no. 1 PTC have become no.2 and now called the Queen of PTC now. And you know it is Clixsense.
    If you don't believe me, why not send me a message and my e-mail account is carlosjuniorjose@rocketmail.com and in g-mail is paradyme4gold@gmail.com And I will give you the sites which are not scam and I made pay outs several times. That's all and God Bless!

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  5. The problem and doubts section on the forum makes me laugh. Neobux is full of bots and no matter how many times you recycle you will still get a rubbish click rate. Funnily enough as a standard member I was getting 400+ clicks with 300 rented referrals, but as soon as I decided to buy golden membership and rent an extra 55, my clicks dropped to less than half of that. I honestly earn more on the mini jobs. Every reply is met by extend them to 240 days. Why? Simply because admin are usually on the inside and are probably getting all the new sign ups that are real people for telling everybody else to extend bots for $118. Example. I recycled 50 referrals 2 days ago and only 3 *people* have clicked. No one has clicked on my ads for 3 hours,and its been like that ever since I went golden. To anyone who joins, DO NOT UPGRADE!

  6. neobux fucked admin not paying.....................

  7. neobux fucked admin not paying.........................

  8. I am agree with it .
    Some people swear that there is a Neobux scam, while others deny there is any such thing.
    For more:
    neobux scam
    Vemma scam

  9. I have never got scammed by Neobux but beware! I quit using neobux because they used bot for rented referrals, rented referrals are not real people!
    But the good news is after stopped using neobux, I found something that really works for me, a simple software that earns me around $30/DAY!! Pretty darn cool stuff, worth for you to check it out :p
    Anyway I am still using neobux nowadays for advertising.

  10. hi, still paying to my referreals and nothing earn and now i dont hamoney and about 50 ref. is 2...and 3and 4 days avg about 1,5 and autopay not working, is fucking scam site like all af that internet ptc sites, ant what told a freebieking recyxcle 20 refs or more and clic about 2 others are fucking nothing doing, bye

  11. Yes, totally cheated. They hv suspended my acc because inactive for 3 weeks, reset my earnings to zero. And i lost most of my money from rented referral.

    1. Here is how to earn with NEOBUX EFFECTIVELY


      choose any one of the strategies you like

  12. Here is how to earn with NEOBUX EFFECTIVELY


    choose any one of the strategies you like

  13. So far Neobux has been great I earned so much money with minijobs and I didn't have to Invest anything. I also rent referals as long as you have a decent recycling strategy they will be really profitable. You can also do offers and surveys. http://goo.gl/LQdCqI

  14. Neo bux is great site .but the bet is that you have a mind to earn it . some people say meobux is scam but it is not it,s great paying site with prrof i withdraw many dollars near 5000 dollars via payza its 100% real & legal when we don,t obey the terms of neobux we blocked & suspended our account that is why some people say it is scam site.

  15. This is better than Neobux try this

  16. ClixSense is an high paying get-paid-to website.