Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neobux Cheats Members

Are you a member of one of the largest ptc sites online? A site that really cares nothing for it's members since it's all just a big illusion at Neobux. I was cheated out of many direct referrals and many other members are cheated daily with there rented referral program. Stay far away from this site and you should be fine. There are many sites out there that you can earn without clicking and even some that will sell you real referrals for your downline. But Neobux will only cheat you out of your time and effort.

Neobux Help!

If you are one of the thousands of people that have joined neobux you might be looking for some help. But when it comes down to it, at times it's not in there interest to help there members. I had a problem and needed help once as well. The only thing is I had 100's of direct referrals making me money everyday as well. I did not rent there "Referral" and only did direct promoting but was not helped when I needed to save my account which had fallen out of my hands into that of a hacker. I got ignored on the forum trying to regain my account and my support tickets from a new account. I informed than of all the events that had taken place so they knew what they where doing. They let my account die and reclaimed 100's of referrals. Get out of this site while you still haven't lost as much as I have. Many members have lost far more than me dealing with them and you should be glad to find sources of truth to steer you in the right direction. Find a legit site to promote and leave Neononsense alone.

Neobux Bots

Are the rented referrals at Neobux bots part of a script designed to rip people off? There are thousands of people promoting Neobux everyday and even more people renting referrals but it seems as though there are always 1000's of rented referrals if you can pony up the dough to buy them. Something doesn't seem right here and if you a looking to purchase rented referrals I would highly advise against it. Thanks for reading this post, keep in mind that I have been in the PTC business as a clicker and now PTC owner. With a bad personal experience with this site and it poor management and greedy and abuse ways toward it's members. Find a better site to promote and be happy. Run from Neobux and never look back because it doesn't look good. It stinks and being a part of it will make everyone stink. Guard your money from this site.

Are Neobux Rented Referrals Bots?

If you have found this site than you are probably a member of Neobux now or in the past. You probably wonder if the rented referrals there where bots at one time or another. So you make a websearch and find yourself here. I have not rented referrals but have been scammed by neobux and have told my story on other posts on this blog. If you are thinking about investing money into neobux I can only tell you that I would advice against it. But as for the bot issue, I would do more research because from the research I have done it doesn't look good. Thanks for reading and I hope you read through the other blog posts to get a further picture of what type of site you are dealing with when you decide to spend your money on a site. Neobux doesn't respent it's members like a website should. Everyone have a great day, and happy surfing or clicking.

Is Neobux A Scam?

Neobux is one of the largest of all the PTC or paid to clicks sites online. It has paid members alot of money and has rented alot of referrals to its members. Some members click and use there hard earned pennies to rent there referrals well others rent them buy the thousands and invest a lot of money into Neobux. But is Neobux legit or is it a big scam to get members to upgrade and purchase referrals that may be a script in some program. Neobux has members all over the net that will defend them as legit. It also has ex-members everywhere that are crying foul. Members who have invested a bunch of money into the site and want to know where there money really went. If you are interested in investing money into Neobux, you should make sure you have done the proper research into the site to make sure this type of site is for you. There are many calling this site a scam and I for one agree. Being an ex-member myself who had 100's of direct referrals under me with new ones signing up daily. I lost all of this because there was no way to regain my account after I lost it when I did what admin had directed me to do.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Neobux Scammed Me!!!

Here's my story, I was a loyal clicker and promoter of Neobux for about 2 years, I had really started promoting it the last year and was averaging a direct referral a day on average. I was also averaging 200 plus direct referral clicks per day, everyday. So one day I got my account hacked from a keylogger on my computer. I informed Neobux that my account was being hacked along with the IP and Neobux username of the hacker Popitz. I also tracked her down to her Facebook, friendster, Mylot and other profiles online. Neobux admin recommended that I make a new email address and send a ticket to have it transferred to the new email address which I did at the advice of Neobux admin. But I didn't know that I had a keylogger on my computer so the new email was hacked and erased, my Neobux account was stolen. I made a new account since it is impossible to send a ticket without an account. I made a new account and sent a ticket informing Neobux what had happened and all the information on the hacker. I never got a response back. I waited for any response by the admin but never got one. I posted in the forum telling my story and was told that my account had been permenantly deleted because of inactivity. So neobux blocked my hacker from clicking and taking my account since I gave them so much info on the hacker, but they refused to respond to my tickets until they account got deleted. To me, Neobux is a scam website that uses dishonest practices to grow with no care or concern about the members they abuse. My links are still getting Neobux referrals. I guess I didn't deserve a response after I followed admins advice and lost my account. What really matters is that Neobux can now rent out my referrals and make a lot of money for themselves at the expense of a former loyal member and promoter.